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5 Myths about Direct Sales Erroneous

Myth 1

99% of businesses suffered direct sales and unsuccessful kerugiaan

DS / MLM itself is a business field that protects distributors and consumers with the Act and the code of ethics, which provides protection to the perpetrators and consumers with a “guarantee of repurchase (buyback guaranty)” and if you are involved in the company DS / MLM is legitimate and is a member APLI, then you do not have to worry about a loss in question. MLM Company / DS is also required to provide periodic training to be a distributor capable of managing the business to achieve success.

There are approximately 92 million businesses in the MLM world, the number is growing over time. 91% MLM business operators are satisfied with their income or benefit exceeds their expectations. (Survey by Research International, Inc.)

Myth 2

The key to successful direct sales are successful in recruiting as much more important than sales to consumers and service

No doubt, recruiting distributors is an important element in the DS / MLM, such as business expansion in the conventional business. In the DS / MLM are looking for ways to widen your business, recruiting others and become a mentor (Leader) is important.But recruitment does not make you instantly successful in the field of direct sales. Amarketing plan / product sales compensation plans need to run the compensation plan itself. Both sales are done you or your group.

In America there are 150 million consumers direct sales in a year, only 15.6 million of them distributors, leaving plenty of room for distributors to develop and take advantage (survey MORPACE International. Inc.)

Myth 3

Those involved in the direct sales business only to make money easily

Many reasons made ​​you to run a direct sales business. Starting from just looking for extra money to make direct sales as the main profession or just involved to get the product at a discounted price.

Direct sales is a serious business that generate revenue from millions to billions of rupiah per distributor. But do not easily believe those who assure you that in a moment you become wealthy with little effort or by investing money. Do not also believe in the people who claim to join alone generates tens or hundreds of millions of rupiah.

Direct sales is a business that requires investing time and energy in such a way until the moment you successfully achieve design and targets are provided. The difference in this business with another business is you get an equal opportunity for everyone to be successful and the business success depends on the seriousness you live rather than on the power of capital.

On the other hand, the business also allows you to clearly see the career path that can be achieved and to make estimates that revenue will be obtained.

Legitimate direct sales companies are bound by a code of conduct that clearly convey to potential income and every company should execute the code of conduct outlined by the government through legislation in order to protect consumers.

Myth 4

DS / MLM only make money for those who is positioned on top

The myth above is the same as comparing how many employees the minimum wage which was later to become the CEO of a company.

Companies that have a good compensation plan or a “marketing plan” is able to provide the corresponding revenue regardless of the rank achieved. The amount of revenue derived from the effort issued instead of rank.

Myth 5

Pyramid schemes / Money Game identical to the MLM / DS

An organizational structure can not be used as a benchmark legality, if yes then the organizational structure of either private or government is illegal, because the higher the ranking the more cones available positions, forming a pyramid.

A scheme called illegal if they do not have any products / services sold and paid by the recruitment is not based on sales.

MLM / DS truth is they give a bonus / commission based on sales volume, while the recruitment itself serves to raise the volume of revenues derived from sales volume of the group.

MLM Company / DS are legally obliged to provide a guarantee of repurchase “buy back guaranty” and not hoarding the product “requirement inventories”